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List of all studies of Different fields

Study of Different Fields:  Nowadays, We can notice that in the greater portion of the Competitive examinations such as (WBCS, RRB – NTPC, JE, Group D, SSC – CGL, CHSL, MTS, WB Primary Tet, CTET, Banking PO, CLERK FCI, State PSU, etc). Science is a leading portion of GA. Most of the questions arising in these competitive examinations are from the list of Common Chemical, names and formulas, Unit and Measurement, Inventions and Discoveries, Study of Different Fields of science, etc, current events, Social media, Awards, function, shows, etc . which will help the Aspirants for Wbcs, along with all competitive exams. We will try heart and soul to fulfill the expected desires.  Apart from Physics and Chemistry, Biology is one of the most important branches of Science/Study of Different Fields People like to Deal with.

My Dear Students, all respected Persons and all of our Well-wishers are hereby notified that, In this article, we are like to provide a complete list of all studies of Different fields or all Branches of Biology or Study of Different Fields according to alphabetical order or Dictionary order.

list of all studies of Different fields| Study of Different Fields:

  1. 📚 Study of customs of primitive man is called ➡️ Agriology

2. 📚 Study of Grasses is called ➡️ Agrostology/ Graminology

3. 📚 Study of algae is called ➡️ Algology/Phycology

4. 📚 Study of the structure of animals and plants is called ➡️ Anatomy

5. 📚 Study of Wind is called ➡️ Anemology

6. 📚 Branch deals with the blood vessels and the lymphatic system ➡️ Angiology

7. 📚 Study of flowers is called ➡️Anthology

8. 📚 Study of human societies, cultures and their development is called ➡️ Anthropology

9.📚 Study of Bees is called ➡️ Apiology

10. 📚 Study of Past Culture of Humans is called ➡️ Archaeology

11. 📚 Study of joints is called ➡️ Arthrology

12. 📚 Study of Stars (for making predictions) is called ➡️ Astrology

13. 📚 Study of celestial bodies is called ➡️ Astronomy

14. 📚 Study of bacteria is called ➡️ Bacteriology

15. 📚 Study of chemical reactions is called ➡️ Biochemistry

16.📚 Study of the living organisms’ geographic distributions is called ➡️ Biogeography

17. 📚 Study of Life is called ➡️ Biology

18. 📚 Study of physical aspects of living systems is called ➡️ Biophysics

19. 📚 Technology based on biological processes of an organism is called ➡️ Biotechnology

20. 📚 Study of bryophytes (Mosses, liverworts, hornworts) is called ➡️ Bryology

21. 📚 Study of heart and its functioning is called ➡️ Cardiology

22. 📚 Study of heart and its functioning is called ➡️ Cardiology

23.📚 Study of Maps is called ➡️ Cartology

24. 📚 Study of Whales is called ➡️ Cetology

25. 📚 Study of Climate is called ➡️ Climatology

26. 📚 Study of Shells is called ➡️ Conchology

27. 📚 Study of Cosmetics is called ➡️ Cosmetology

28.📚 Study of skulls ➡️ Craniology

29. 📚 Study of Crime and Criminals ➡️ Criminology

30. 📚 Study of field is called ➡️ Cryptology

31. 📚 Study of cells is called ➡️ Cytology

32. 📚 Study of Human Behaviors is called ➡️ Demonology

33. 📚 branch of botany dealing with trees and shrubs is called ➡️ Dendrology

34.📚 Study of organisms and their environment ➡️ Ecology

35. 📚 Study of the organism’s external appearance is called ➡️ Eidonomy

36.📚 Study of Embryos is called ➡️ Embryology

37. 📚 Study of the development of embryos and fetuses ➡️ Embryology

38. 📚 Study of Insects is called ➡️ Entomology

39. 📚 Study of Death, Judgement, Afterlife is called ➡️ Eschatology

40.📚 Scientific Study of sensation ➡️ Esthesiology

41. 📚 Study of Life Pertaining to certain People is called ➡️ Ethnobiology

42. 📚 Study of Cultural Heritage is called ➡️ Ethnology

43. 📚 Study of Animal Behavior is called ➡️ Ethology

44. 📚 Study of Causes and Reasons is called ➡️Etiology

45. 📚 Study of Words and their Origins is called ➡️ Etymology

46. 📚 Study of life in space is called ➡️ Exobiology

47.📚 Study of flower farming is called ➡️ Floriculture

48. 📚 Study of Gems and Jewels is called ➡️ Gemmology

49.📚 Study of Earth is called ➡️ Geology

50.📚 Study of social, cultural, psychological, cognitive and biological aspects of aging is called ➡️Gerontology

51. 📚 Study of Handwriting is called ➡️ Graphology

52. 📚 Study of Blood is called ➡️Hematology

53. 📚 Study of Reptiles is called ➡️Herpetology

54. 📚 Study of parasitic worms is called ➡️ Helminthology

55. 📚 Study related to Blood is called ➡️ Hematology

56. 📚 Study of Liver is called ➡️ Hepatology

57. 📚 Study of Amphibians and Reptiles is called ➡️Herpetology

58.📚 Study of Horses is called ➡️Hippology

59.📚 Study of the tissues of organisms is called ➡️Histology

60.📚 Study of cultivating fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants is called ➡️Horticulture

61.📚 Study of Water is called ➡️Hydrology

62.📚 Study of Fish is called ➡️Ichthyology

63.📚 Study of Ideas is called ➡️Ideology

64.📚 Study of the immune system is called ➡️Immunology

65.📚 Study of the structure and function of cell nuclei is called ➡️Karyology

66.📚 Study of Human Beauty is called ➡️Katology

67. 📚 Study of the liches is called ➡️Lichenology

68. 📚 Study of inland waters is called ➡️Limnology

69.📚 Study of lipids is called ➡️Lipidology

70. 📚 Study of the mollusks like snails, clams, octopi, etc is called ➡️Malacology

71.📚 Study of Mammals is called ➡️Mammalogy

72. 📚 Study of Breasts is called ➡️Mastology

73.📚 Study of Climate and Weather is called ➡️Meteorology

74. 📚 Study of Microscopic Life is called ➡️Microbiology

75.📚 Study of microorganisms like bacteria, Viruses, fungi, and protozoa is called                        ➡️Microbiology

76.📚 Study of Structure of Organisms is called ➡️Morphology

77.📚 Study of Museums is called ➡️Museology

78. 📚 Study of Music is called ➡️Musicology

79.📚 Study of Fungi is called ➡️Mycology

80. 📚 Study of Muscular System is called ➡️Myology

81.📚 Study of Ants is called ➡️Myrmecology

82. 📚 Study of newborns up to the age of 2 months is called ➡️Neonatology

83.📚 Study of Clouds is called ➡️Nephology

84.📚 Study of Kidneys is called ➡️Nephrology

85. 📚 Study of Brain is called ➡️Neuroanatomy

86. 📚 Study of the Nervous System is called ➡️Neurology

87.📚 Study of Diseases is called ➡️Nosology

88.📚 Study of the Teeth is called ➡️Odontology

89. 📚 Study of Wines is called ➡️Oenology

90. 📚 Study of cultivation of vegetables is called ➡️Olericulture

91. 📚 Study of Tumors is called ➡️Oncology

92. 📚 Study of the origin and development of an individual organism is called ➡️Ontogeny

93.📚 Study of Eggsis called ➡️Oology

94.📚 Study of Snakes is called ➡️Ophiology

95. 📚 Study of snakes is called ➡️Ophlology

96.📚 Study of Eyes is called ➡️Ophthalmology

97. 📚 Study of Light is called ➡️Optics

98. 📚 Study of the organs of animals and plants is called ➡️Organology

99.📚 Study of Birds is called ➡️Ornithology

100.📚 Study of the skeleton System is called ➡️Osteology

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