Aadhaar Card New Update| The government has issued this new guideline with Aadhaar card!

Aadhaar Card New Update: Government of India has issued new guidelines regarding Aadhaar Card. If your aadhaar card has completed 10 years then this report is very important for you.

Government has issued new guidelines regarding Aadhaar card. If your aadhaar card has completed 10 years then this report is very important for you. UIDAI has recently made some amendments in Aadhaar rules. It has been said that this Aadhaar card should be updated after 10 years. Authorities have requested Aadhaar cardholders in this regard.

Aadhaar Card New Update by UIDAI:

Several changes have been made in Aadhaar rules (Enrollment and Update) regarding updating information. Last month UIDAI i.e. Unique Identification Authority of India made this request for Aadhaar card holders. If cardholders’ Aadhaar number is more than 10 years old, they should update their address proof documents, says UIDAI.

Aadhaar Card Can update online?

UIDAI has brought new facilities for Aadhaar card holders. The authorities have now brought ‘documents update’ to the Aadhaar portal. This facility can be availed online. This facility can be availed through ‘My Aadhar Portal’ and ‘My Aadhaar’ app. If you want to avail this facility then visit any Aadhaar Enrollment Center.

UIDAI has given Aadhaar numbers to 134 crore citizens. However, it is not yet known how many Aadhaar cardholders will have to update their information as a result of UIDAI’s new rule. About 16 crores of various types of updates were done in Aadhaar last year. With this new facility, Aadhaar card holders can re-verify their identity documents i.e. name, photo and address proof by updating them.

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How to Update Online?

  1. First you need to go to Aadhaar update portal. There you have to click on “Update your address online”.
  2. If you have valid address proof, click on “Proceed to update address” tab.
  3. Then a new page will open in front of you. There you have to enter your 12 digit Aadhaar number and click on “Send OTP” option.
  4. Then an OTP will be sent to the mobile number registered with your Aadhaar. You have to write it down.
  5. Then you need to select “Update Address with Address Proof” or “Update Address Vis Secret Code” option.
  6. Then enter your address given in Proof of Address (POA) and click on “Preview” option.
  7. If you want to edit the address then you need to click on “Change” option and tick the declaration.
  8. Then you have to click on “Submit” option.
  9. Then you need to select the document type as POA for document verification.
  10. Then upload the scanned copy of your address proof and click on “Submit” option.
  11. After that your Aadhaar update request will be accepted and you will be given a 14 digit URN. With this you can check the status.
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