This Day in History-July 8|Some notable events

This Day in History-July 8: Check what is 8th july significance in history. Which famous people were born, what historical events occurred, etc. in 1497 ,Vasco da Gama, Portuguese navigator departs on his first voyage and became the 1st European to reach India by sea.
On this day, July 8, significant national and international events took place. From Vasco Da Gama’s first voyage to India in 1497 to former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s assassination in 2022, here is a compilation of important events that happened on July 8.

Some notable events on July 8 : (History-July 8)

1497 – Vasco da Gama, Portuguese navigator departs on his first voyage and became the 1st European to reach India by sea.

1709 – Battle of Poltava. In this Russians defeated Swedes which is the end of the Swedish empire as a major power.

1777– A new constitution was introduced by Independent Vermont that prohibits slavery.

1792 – France declares war on Prussia

1796 – The Department of US State issued the first US Passport.

1800 – To prevent smallpox, Dr Benjamin Waterhouse gives the first cowpox vaccination in the US to his son.

1815 – Louis XVIII returned to Paris following the Hundred Days.

1833 – Defense treaty was signed between Russia and Turkey

1862 – Abraham Lincoln signed US Morrill Anti-Bigamy Act

1870 – US Congress authorizes registration of trademarks

1889 –  The first issue of The Wall Street Journal was published by Journalist Charles Henry Dow.

1896 – “Cross of Gold” speech was delivered by William Jennings Bryan at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

1913 – Alfred Carlton Gilbert’s developed the Erector Set and become one of the most popular toys of all time.

1923 – Warren G. Harding becomes the first sitting US President to visit Alaska (Metlakatla).

1933 –  Public Works Administration becomes effective

1948 – In Moscow, the 500th anniversary of the Russian Orthodox Church was celebrated.

1949 – Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act commences in South Africa that prohibits marriage or a sexual relationship between White people and people of other races.

1950 – General Douglas MacArthur named commander-in-chief of UN forces in Korea

1963 – All the monetary transactions were banned by the US with Cuba.

1965 – The first Houston player with 6 hits in a game was Joe Morgan.

1974 – The underground nuclear test was performed by the USSR.

1977 – Sabra Starr finishes longest recorded belly dance (100 hrs).

1978 – Sandro Pertini was elected as the 7th President of the Italian Republic.

1978 – Pioneer-Venus 2 Multi-probe launched to Venus

1979 – A new constitution was adopted by the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

1985 – Marge Schott becomes CEO of Cincinnati Red.

1986 – Farthest thrown object-an “Aerobie” flying ring, 383 m (1,257′)

1992 – Conference for Security and Co-operation in Europe established the office of High Commissioner on National Minorities.

1997 – Poland, Hungary & Czech Republic were invited by NATO to join.

1999– The 3rd book of the series “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” by J.K Rowling was published by Bloomsbury in the UK.

2011 – In the final mission of the U.S Space Shuttle program, Space Shuttle Atlantis was launched.

2014 – FIFA World Cup: In the semi-finals, Germany defeats Brazil by a record 7-1 to make it to the final. Miroslav Klose of Germany breaks the World Cup goal-scoring record with 16 goals.

2016 – Italian designer Maria Grazia Chiuri is the first woman to be appointed artistic director at French fashion house Christian Dior.

2017 – UNESCO declares Asmara, capital of Eritrea, a world heritage site for its Art Deco buildings.

2020 – A directive had been issued by the US government that more than 1 million international students will be stripped of their visas if their courses entirely online.

These were the list of the events occurred on July 8 including famous personalities birthdays, death anniversaries, invention, historical events, etc. across India and world.

July 8: Birthdays, Death anniversaries and Historical events in India (History-July 8)

1952 – Kadiyam Srihari was born on July 8, 1952. He is an Indian politician and former Deputy Chief Minister of Telangana. From 2014 to December 2018, he was a Minister for Education of Telangana.

1958 – Neetu Singh was born on July 8, 1958. She is an Indian actress and was a popular leading lady in Bollywood in the 1970s and early 1980s. She started her career as a child actress and appeared in movies like Waris, Do Dooni Char. As a lead actress, she made her debut with Rickshawala.

1972 – Sourav Ganguly was born on July 8, 1972. Affectionately known as Dada, he is the 39th President of BCCI and former Indian national team captain. He is one of the most influential players in the history of Indian cricket.

1903 – Umaid Singh also spelled as Umed Singh. He was Maharaja of Jodhpur from 1918 to his death. He was born on July 8, 1903.

1912 – Banarasi Das was born on July 8, 1912 and popularly known as Babu Banarasi Das. He was an Indian politician and Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. He belongs to the Janata Party.

1914 – Jyoti Basu was born on July 8, 1914. He was an Indian politician. From 1977 to 2000, he served as a Chief Minister of West Bengal state. He was also a co-founder of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI[M]).

1918 – Montagu-Chelmsford Report was formed on the basis of the Government of India Act 1919. It was published on July 8, 1918.

1949 – Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy was born on July 8, 1949. He was the 14th Chief Minister of the Andhra Pardesh and was popularly known as YSR.

2006 – Raja Rao died on July 8, 2006. He was an author and the most significant Indian novelist who writes in English during the middle decades of the 20th century.

2007 – Chandra Shekhar, died on July 8, 2007. He was a politician and legislator. He served as Prime Minister of India from November 1990 to June 1991. Before joining the ruling Congress Party in 1964, he was the leading member of the Socialist Party.

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