On this Day, July 5: the List of Historical Events

 July 5 Historical Events: Someone has rightly said that history is not made in a day! But, one day can bring many changes in history.

1687 – The great work of Issac Newton Principia was published by the Royal Society in England that outlines his laws of motion and universal gravitation.

1811 –  7 provinces declare themselves independent of Spain: Venezuelan Declaration of Independence

1859 – The Midway Islands in the central Pacific Ocean were discovered by Captain N.C. Brooks and also claimed the territory for the United States.

1865 – World’s 1st-speed limit law was created by Great Britain.

1922 – First general election in the Netherlands.

1934 –  “Bloody Thursday” – In San Francisco, Police open fire on striking longshoremen.

1945 – In World War II, the Liberation of the Philippines declared.

1946 – National Bikini Day. The day marks the anniversary of the invention of a revealing two-piece bathing suit in 1946 by a Parison fashion designer, Louis Reard.

1951 – The junction transistor was invented by Dr. William Shockley.

1954 – The first television news was broadcasted by the BBC.

1962 – Every year, independence day is observed in Algeria and is a national holiday. The day commemorates Algeria’s independence from France on 5 July, 1962.

1966 – A rocket named Saturn I was launched at Cape Kennedy.

1975 – After 500 years of Portuguese rule, Cape Verde Islands gain independence.

1994 – Jeff Bezos founded Amazon.com in Bellevue, Washington

1996 – A female Finn Dorset sheep, Dolly was born near Edinburg. She became the first successfully cloned mammal.

1971 – The 26th Amendment to the U.S Constitution was certified that granted suffrage to citizens age 18 years and older.

2004 – First presidential election by the people in Indonesia. The first round was won by Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

2019 – Ancient Iraqi city Babylon was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site

July 5 Historical Events: What is special in Indian History?

1946 – The Indian politicianRam Vilas Paswan was born. He was born on 5 July, 1946 in Shaharbanni village in the Khagaria district of Bihar. He started his political career as a member of the Samyukta Socialist Party.

1947 – Lalji Singh was born on 5 July, 1947 in Kalwari village in Uttar Pradesh’s Jaunpur district. He became synonymous with the term “DNA Fingerprinting“, to a generation of Indians. He made a seminal contribution to the disciplines of genetics, forensics, conservation, and law.

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