Study of Different Branch| General Knowledge| According to the Alphabetic Order| Part – II

Part - II: List of all studies of Different fields| Study of Different Branch:

Study of Different Branch: General Knowledge |According to the Alphabetic Order| Part – II Nowadays, We can notice that in the greater portion of the Competitive examinations such as (WBCS, RRB – NTPC, JE, Group D, SSC – CGL, CHSL, MTS, WB Primary Tet, CTET, Banking PO, CLERK FCI, State PSU, etc). Science is a leading portion of GA. Most of the questions arising in these competitive examinations are from the list of Common Chemical, names and formulas, Unit and Measurement, Inventions and Discoveries, Study of Different Fields of science, etc, current events, Social media, Awards, function, shows, etc . which will help the Aspirants for Wbcs, along with all competitive exams. We will try heart and soul to fulfill the expected desires.Β  Apart from Physics and Chemistry, Biology is one of the most important branches of Science/Study of Different Branch People like to Deal with.

My Dear Students, all respected Persons and all of our Well-wishers are hereby notified that, In this article, we are like to provide a complete list of all studies of Different fields or all Branches of Biology or Study of Different Branch according to alphabetical order or Dictionary order.

Part – II: List of all studies of Different fields| Study of Different Branch:

101. πŸ“š Study of Ancient Human is called ⏩ Palaeoanthropology

102.πŸ“š Study of Ancient Life, studied through Fossils is called ⏩ Palaeontology

103. πŸ“š Study of Ancient Life is called ⏩ Paleobiology

104. πŸ“š Dealing with fossil plants is called ⏩ Branch of botany

105. πŸ“š Study of the Fossils is called ⏩ Paleontology

106. πŸ“š Study of Ancient Animals is called ⏩ Paleozoology

107.πŸ“š Study of pollen grains is called ⏩ Palynology

108.πŸ“š Study of Parasites is called ⏩ Parasitology

109.πŸ“š Study of Disease is called ⏩ Pathology

110.πŸ“š Study of Soils is called ⏩ Pedology

111.πŸ“š Study of Rocks is called ⏩ Petrology

112.πŸ“š Study of Supernatural Beings is called ⏩ Phantomology

113. πŸ“š Study of Drugs is called ⏩ Pharmacology

114. πŸ“š Study of Pharynx (Part of Throat) is called ⏩ Pharyngology

115.πŸ“š Study of Periodic Biological Phenomena is called ⏩ Phenology

116.πŸ“š Study of phenomena is called ⏩ Phenomenology

117.πŸ“š Study of Postage stamps is called ⏩ Philately

118. πŸ“š Study of Ancient texts and Historical Languages is called ⏩ Philology

119. πŸ“š Study of Speech Sounds is called ⏩ Phonology

120. πŸ“š Study of Use of Words and Phrases is called ⏩ Phraseology

121. πŸ“š Study of algae is called ⏩ Phycology

122. πŸ“š Study of the evolutionary history of a taxonomic group of organisms is called ⏩ Phylogeny

123. πŸ“š Anthropology Study of Human Characteristics is called ⏩ Physical

124. πŸ“š Study of Characteristics of Organisms is called ⏩ Physiology

125. πŸ“š Study of normal mechanisms and their interactions that works within the living system is called ⏩ Physmlogy

126. πŸ“š Study of Plants (usually called Botany) is called ⏩ Phytology

127.πŸ“š Study of Relationships and characteristics of Plants is called ⏩ Phytosociology

128.πŸ“š Study of War is called ⏩ Polemology

129.πŸ“š Study of Fruit is called ⏩ Pomology

130. πŸ“š Study of cultivates fruits is called ⏩ Pomology

131. πŸ“š Treatment of mental disease is called ⏩ Psychiatry

132.πŸ“š Study of Mind and Behaviors is called ⏩ Psychology

133.πŸ“š Study of Fire/HeatΒ  is called ⏩ Pyrology

134. πŸ“š Study of the Nose and olfactory organs is called ⏩ Rhinology

135.πŸ“š Branch of the soft or fleshy body parts is called ⏩ Sarcology

136. πŸ“š Study of Lizards is called ⏩ Saurology

137. πŸ“š Study of Earthquakes is called ⏩ Seismology

138. πŸ“š Study of the Moon is called ⏩ Selenology

139. πŸ“š Study of immunological properties and actions of serum is called ⏩ Serology

140. πŸ“š Study of seals is called ⏩ Sigillography

141. πŸ“š Study of Society is called ⏩ Sociology

142.πŸ“š Study of Human Characteristics is called ⏩ Somatology

143.πŸ“š Study of Caves is called ⏩ Speleology

144. πŸ“š Study of internal organs is called ⏩ Splanchnology

145.πŸ“š Study of Stories and Legends is called ⏩ Storiology

146. πŸ“š Study of Ligament is called ⏩ Syndesmology

147.πŸ“š Study of Termites is called ⏩ Termitology

148. πŸ“š The branch that deals with naming, describing, and classifying organisms is called ⏩ Taxonomy

149.πŸ“š Study of Religion is called ⏩ Theology

150.πŸ“š Study of Heat is called ⏩ Thermology

151. πŸ“š Study of Characteristics and History of a Place is called ⏩ Topology

152. πŸ“š Study of adverse effects in the living organisms is called ⏩ Toxicology

153. πŸ“š Study of Wounds is called ⏩ Traumatology

154.πŸ“š Study of Hairs is called ⏩ Tricology

155. πŸ“š Study of Nutrition is called ⏩ Trophology

156. πŸ“š Biology Study of Tropical Life is called ⏩ Tropical

157. πŸ“š Study of urine and its diseases is called ⏩ Urology

158.πŸ“š Study of Flags is called ⏩ Vexillology

159.πŸ“š Study of Viruses is called ⏩ Virology

160. πŸ“š Study of Volcanoes is called ⏩ Volcanology

161. πŸ“š branch of zoology that deals with the geographical distribution of animals are called ⏩ Zoogeography

162. πŸ“š Study of Animals is called ⏩ Zoology

163. πŸ“š study of handicapped animals is called ⏩ Zoonosology

164. πŸ“š Study of the fermentation process is called ⏩ Zymology

165. πŸ“š Study of Beer is called ⏩ Zythology

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