Nijashree Prakalpa 2023 | WB Government will build flats for lower and middle class

Nijashree Prakalpa 2023: It is true that the central and state governments are putting a roof over some people’s heads through housing schemes, but the demand for a roof over the head is steadily increasing.

Especially among the middle class and lower class (Middle-Class Lower Middle Class) who do not come under these schemes. At the same time, the population of the country is increasing, the family is getting bigger and breaking up and taking the form of a family.

In that direction, the demand for houses is also increasing. But the way the prices of flats in the private sector are increasing, it is becoming practically impossible for the lower and middle class to buy those flats. In this situation, the government of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee showed the way.

Mamata’s government is going to build flats in the Kasba area of Kolkata and Barracpur and Kalyani near Kolkata for the lower and middle-class people living in Bengal. That will be done by the state-run Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority or KMDA. They will build those flats on their own land. The price of the flats will start from 11 lakh rupees.

Flat built for Nijashree Prakalpa:

KMDA has constructed 48 flats at 274 Rajdanga Gold Park next to Acropolis Mall in Kasbay, Kolkata. The accommodation is named ‘Madhyahan’. This includes 33 2 BHK flats. Each has an area of 678 square feet. The price is 33 lacks 14 thousand 572 rupees. One lakh rupees should be submitted online along with the application form for buying this flat. The rest of the flats are 1 BHK.

These flats of 388, 383, and 370 square feet will be available between Tk 18 lakh 96 thousand 834 to Tk 18 lakh 8 thousand 838. For these three types of flats, 50 thousand rupees should be deposited along with the application form. The application form can be submitted by March 4 to the branches of the private bank in Salt Lake and Kosbar. KMDA has also developed low and middle-class flats near Wireless More along Kalyani Expressway in Barrackpore.

Types of Nijashree Prakalpa Flats:

There are two types of flats here. The price of 650 square feet flat is kept at 19 lakh 77 thousand 7 taka. For this, 50 thousand rupees must be deposited with the application. The price of 375 square feet flat is estimated at Tk 11 lakh 81. 30 thousand should be deposited with this application. KMDA has decided to advertise and hoard soon for the sale of these flats.

Price for Flats:

Flats are also available in Kalyani. 3 BHK flats will be sold there. The price of which has been estimated at 23 lakh 95 thousand 575 rupees. The Built Up Area of these flats is 845 sqft. KMDA has constructed 65 such flats within the municipal area in front of Kalyani railway station.

The price of flats in these 3 places starts from 11 lakh rupees. The highest price is 35 lakh rupees. KMDA has already issued a brochure containing all such information on how to apply for the purchase of these flats, where to submit it, and how much money to deposit initially with the application form.

Application Form of Nijashree Prakalpa:

The application form will be available from the specific branch of a selected private bank as well as from the organization’s website. After the application period is over, the flats will be allotted through a lottery.

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